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Shooting Stars

Past Champions

2016 - Demetrius Best, Curtis Ryan, and Patrick Ryan


Three players, one from each of the respective three divisions (ideally)

 - Women

 - Men Under 35, and

 - Men 35 & Over


  1. This event is capped at 10 teams. First ten teams to register will be eligible to compete in the event.

  2. Option of choosing players from the same team(s).  For example MHS, RHS or SA OR mix the teams up as long as there is a person representing each division; if this is not possible then please inform the tournament director (Aron Ashton).

  3. 4 shots from four different locations.

    • First player will take first shot from approximatley 5 feet away on right side (bank shot).

    • Second player shoots from the free throw line.

    • Third player shoots a three pointer from the left side.

    • Fourth shot is between half court and three point line, which all team members will shoot until one person makes the shot.

  4. The player(s) that just shot from the previous location will be the rebounder.

  5. Each team will have three minutes to complete the four shots.

  6. Best time wins the event.  In case of teams having the same time, a play-off will decide the winner.

  7. $10 team registration fee, paid at the event.

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