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3-Point Challenge

2018 Challengers
  1. Mitchell Currie

  2. Josh Crocker

  3. Alex Hudson

  4. Graham Bishop

  5. Logan Groves

  6. Jordan Fanning-Macleod

  7. Nick Shaw

  8. Keigan Madden

  9. Chris Farrow

  10. Nick Phillips

  11. Robert Lomond

  12. Eddie Power

Past Champions

2017 - Josh Crocker (Riverview High School, Cape Breton)

2016 - Chris Farrow (Sydney Academy, Cape Breton)

2015 – Cody MacPherson (Glace Bay, Cape Breton)

2014 – Matt Skinn (Notre Dame College, Ontario)

2013 – Liam Shaw (Riverview High School, Cape Breton)


  1. The event will be capped for the first 30 participants that register.  It is open to male and female players.

  2. Registration fee is $5.00/player, paid at the event.

  3. Each player will shot in the order of sign up.

  4. Each player will have approximately 1 minute to complete the 5 racks.

  5. Four of the five racks will consist of 5 balls, 4 of which will be worth one point, and one ball worth 2 points (money ball).

  6. The fifth rack will consist solely of money balls, bringing the total maximum points to 34. The player will have the option of choosing where they would like to place the money ball rack.

  7. If there are any ties after the all contestants have completed the first round, the contestants that are tied will shoot again, until a winner is decided.

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